Atlantic College
... is an international Sixth Form College located on the coast of South Wales in the UK. Founded in 1962, the first of the United World Colleges, AC has always aimed to offer selected students an academically challenging programme, (students study for the International Baccalaureate) and to develop in its students international understanding and a commitment to service. The school has faced an uphill struggle to build up an endowment fund to enable students from around the world to attend regardless of parental income.
Art of Peace 2006: The Ones
... was a project conceived by François Paul-Cavallier (class of 1964) to raise money for the scholarship fund of Atlantic College. The idea was to ask a large number of artists to produce paintings, measuring 22 by 16 cm each, on canvasses which were provided, and to sell these works via an e-Bay auction, in particular perhaps to ex-students of AC.
When the project was handed over to the Development Office, KA and some students were asked, as part of their community service, (w3S) to set up an on-line exhibition of the works.
The project was a great success in that a large number of artists did respond and contribute works. But the project failed as a way to raise much money for the scholarship fund, largely because the costs, of running it and shipping the canvasses, were too high.
aop2006 revisited
... is KA's personal attempt to make available again, in some form, those almost 1000 works contributed to the project, both because he came to like some of them a lot and out of respect for the artists. I am afraid I do not know where the actual canvasses have ended up, but I have high-quality photographs – possibly the only version of many of the works. Enjoy.